Learn how you can make your medical device smaller, stronger, and more durable.

A new spin on medical fiber

The annual healthcare costs around the world has been on a steady rise, which has led to a desire in the medical device industry to make implants and techniques such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery minimally invasive. This minimally invasive approach is crucial to improving healthcare efficiency as it benefits patients in multiple ways:

  • faster recovery times
  • less scarring
  • shorter hospitalization
  • and a lower total cost of care.

Honeywell’s ultra-thin Spectra® Medical Grade (MG) fiber is 15X stronger than steel and 3X stronger than polyester. It is manufactured through a patented gel spinning process for ultra-high strength at an ultra-thin size. It is built to make products and applications smaller but stronger and more durable, making Spectra MG fiber an ideal choice in the medical device market to develop techniques and devices that make minimally invasive, long-lasting, and more affordable healthcare innovations possible.

Honeywell has been extensively involved with biomaterials for the medical device industry to ensure key stakeholders in the medical device market can benefit from UHMWPE. Get in touch with us to learn why you should adopt UHMPWE technology over competing solutions.

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