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Carrier Fluids
Carrier Fluids

Carrier Fluids

Our breakthrough material enables superb cooling, fast drying, and unique foaming action in hair care products, sun care formulations, face and body creams.

Keeping products ahead of changing global environmental regulations is a challenge. And consumers demand new textures in cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and personal care products. Our ultra-low GWP, nonflammable carrier fluid helps you create these novel formulations for cooling gels, dry shampoos, cooling misting sprays, and self-foaming face and body cleansers. Solstice® Enhance (HFO-1233zd(E)), a breakthrough nonflammable solvent and carrier fluid that produces non-irritating, instant cooling, fast drying, unique foaming action personal care products. Combined with our nonflammable Solstice Propellant, our carrier fluid provides excellent dispersion of solids-based aerosol products.

Our carrier fluid is highly compatible with a wide variety of commonly used plastics and elastomers and is classified as a UN class 2.2 nonflammable liquefied gas with a WEEL of 800 ppm.

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